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About Us

Skinolino is a newly established brand that offers 100% natural, chemical-free skin and hair care oils. Based in Calgary, Alberta, we are dedicated to delivering the absolute best in quality skin and hair care. Our products are pure and undiluted. Skinolino is unlike other companies that offer products containing diluted oils and chemicals; our quality oils are completely free of chemicals, paraben, silicone, mineral oils, petroleum, colorants, and artificial fragrances. Our oils come from entirely natural sources including vegetables, fruits, and seeds. Because we use only ingredients which come directly from the Earth, our natural oils are filled with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and anti-ageing nutrients. These nourishing ingredients provide restorative properties for your skin and hair by hydrating, regenerating, and protecting them from external pollutants.  
To protect our 100% natural oils from external factors that promote deterioration, such as sunlight, all of our products are bottled in amber glass. We do not use plastic bottles in order to maintain the purity of our natural products.

 Our Mission

 100% Pure Natural Oils

   100% Customer Satisfaction 



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