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Organic Golden Jojoba Oil

Naturally rich in antioxidants, Jojoba oil moisturizes and protects skin and hair. It will not clog pores or leave skin and hair feeling oily. Not only does it firm up and keep your skin hydrated, but it also lessens the appearance of skin wrinkles. Daily use of Jojoba oil will help to reduce fine lines. Jojoba oil can be used as your daily or overnight facial moisturizer, facial cleanser, cuticle oil, and makeup remover.                                                                                              

Size: 120 ml (4. fl. oz. U.S.)                                                                                          

Ingredients: Organic Golden Jojoba Oil. Unrefined, cold-pressed, and chemical - free.            

Directions: Gently massage the oil into your face, neck, body, or nails. For best results, apply twice daily in the morning and evening. 

Our organic Jojoba oil is bottled in Canada  into 4 oz. amber glass bottles. 

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